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The Thrill of Analog, The Agony of Digital

Authentic driving experiences are still available, but they'll cost you.

First Hot Wheels Toy Based on a Fan's Custom Car Looks Awesome

It's like a real-life version of a toy car because that's what it was designed to become-the newest Hot Wheels offering.

Bring a Trailer Goes Posh as Auction Site Starts “White Glove” Service by Selling Its Own Mercedes Gullwing at No Reserve

BaT pulls a '56 300SL Gullwing out of its own garage to kick off its new Plus and White Glove services.

The V-8 Engine Has No Future at Genesis

The next-generation G80 sedan will go no higher than a V-6, and the G90's Tau V-8 will eventually be phased out.

13 Drive-In Restaurants Where You Can Still Dine in Your Car

Good, old-fashioned fast food.

Since you can't physically transport yourself back to the 1950s (yet), these drive-ins are certainly the next best thing. Here, the milkshakes are flowing, the burgers are flipping, and the waitstaff is rolling (or at least walking) your order to your car. A drive-through is for people in a rush; these establishments are for diners who want to enjoy their meal and really chew on deep-fried nostalgia.