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Automaking is only part of GM CEO's vision

GM's reach into insurance, robotaxis and electric delivery vans is part of a broader strategy to stretch what's typically a one-time transaction into a wider profit net over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Increased variety of EVs boosts industry's recovery

EV sales rose 34 percent last month, according to Morgan Stanley, while overall sales for the seven automakers that reported February results declined 9.3 percent.

3-row Grand Cherokee priced to fight any rival

The Grand Cherokee L will jump into the hotly contested three-row segment with a range of prices spanning more than $20,000 as it takes on a broad spectrum of rivals.

How Subaru survived and thrived after 2011 quake

Subaru, the once-struggling niche brand, was beginning to find its footing when the twin disasters struck. It adapted and has grown since then.

Consumers fear self-driving future, but like the tech that blazes the path

Only 14 percent of drivers would trust automated vehicles to drive them around, according to an annual AAA survey. But people do like driver-assist features.